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Cylinder cover reconditioning
Piston crown reconditioning
Exhaust valve spindle reconditioning
Piston rod reconditioning

For meeting the growing demand from the owners, the high quality reconditioning service for major components of their diesel engine, New Star Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.(NSME) having acquired the technology backup from the Polestar Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Of Japan (PMEC) has been founded in May 1998 for offering the highest quality reconditioning services to the Marine Industries.

Nowadays, for sake of saving the cost and time involving for repairs, it has become the trend that more Diesel Engine users have changed their maintenance policy-adopting the readily reconditioned component(s) instead of the new one as replacement for the damaged or worn out. The reconditioned component have to be reliable, thus to ensure the highest quality, the recondition process have to be performed with the most advanced equipment, by very skillful, experienced technicians, and under very strict supervision for the quality control.

PMEC of Japan, a leading expert in the world in reconditioning techniques for damaged / worn out engine components, has been engaged in the field over 30 years, offering services for the marine and manufacturing industries, had developed their unique technology and accumulated numerous experiences in the field, and had accordingly won approval from all classification societies, i.e. LR., NK, DNV, JG, ABC, BV and GL. etc.

PMEC, being a joint venture of NSME, has signed an Agreement for Technique Transfer with NSME, based on which, NSME has the full technical support, and dispatching the selected mechanism to PMEC for upgrading training, so you can trust on NSME as you ever had on PMEC.

NSMC is looking forward to offering our best dedication and integrity in the reconditioning service to owners.

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